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Sponsorship Tool

The Sponsorship Tool can be used by registered practitioners to sponsor their support staff to work on their behalf. In order to sponsor support staff, a practitioner must first migrate to a USPTO.gov account  and the support staff must each have a USPTO.gov account.

For step-by-step instructions, see Sponsorship Tool Guide

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EFS-Web is the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO’s) Web-based patent application and document submission solution. Using EFS-Web, anyone with a Web-enabled computer can file patent applications and documents without downloading special software or changing document preparation tools and processes.

EFS-Web utilizes standard Web-based screens and prompts to enable you to submit patent application documents in PDF format directly to the USPTO within minutes. When creating your PDF documents, you choose the tool, process and workflow with which you author your documents, convert them to standard PDF files and then submit them to USPTO's secure servers. Additionally, EFS-Web allows submission of PCT-EASY .ZIP compressed files to submit International PCT applications and ASCII text files (.TXT) to submit your bio-sequence listings, computer program listings, mega tables, etc. EFS-Web is safe, simple and secure and gives you all of the same benefits as paper filings, including an electronic receipt that acknowledges your submission date.

  • ePetitions - information and guidance on filing ePetitions
  • eTerminal Disclaimer - information and guidance on filing an eTerminal Disclaimer
  • Filing Documents During an Outage -  Information regarding how to file documents, or make payments, when EFS-Web is unavailable.
  • Alternative Electronic Filing - Information for completing alternative electronic filing during a designated significant system outage and requesting a refund of non-electronic filing fee for patent applications filed other than by EFS-Web or EFS-Web Contingency.

The Patent Electronic Business Center is open Monday - Friday, to help you with technical issues regarding EFS-Web or with becoming a registered user.  From 6:00 a.m. to 12 Midnight Eastern Time email ebc@uspto.gov or call 866-217-9197.