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Patents Application Initiative Timeline

A centralized listing of major Patent Application Initiatives provides applicants with access to information on several patent initiatives designed to advance and support the examination process. Compare the various patent application initiatives that are available prior to examination, during examination, or after close of prosecution to evaluate and contrast the benefits of participating.

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Full First Action Interview Pilot Program

Under the Full First Action Interview Pilot Program, an applicant is entitled to a first action interview, upon request, prior to the first Office action on the merits. The examiner will conduct a prior art search and provide applicant with a condensed pre-interview communication citing relevant

Accelerated Examination

Learn more about the established procedures under which the examination of a patent application may be accelerated.

Interview Practice

Interviews enable Applicants and Examiners to discuss and resolve issues and are an effective tool to advance the prosecution of an application. The USPTO encourages Examiners to take a proactive approach to examination by reaching out and engaging our stakeholders in order to shorten prosecution.

Responding to Office Actions

A USPTO patent examiner may issue several different types of official letters about your application. Below is a description of each type and information on how to respond. It is very important to carefully read the USPTO correspondence to understand what type of response is needed and the time

After Final Consideration Pilot 2.0

The After Final Consideration Pilot 2.0 (AFCP 2.0) is part of the USPTO's on-going efforts towards compact prosecution and increased collaboration between examiners and stakeholders.

ePetition Resource Page

The ePetitions Resource Page provides useful information and guidance regarding the submission, automatic processing, and immediate grant of ePetitions. Secure Filing with Auto-Grant. Filing an ePetition via EFS-Web automates the petition process and allows petitioners to directly input the

Patents Assignments: Change & search ownership

During the examination of pending patent application as well as after the patent is granted, the owner may create and submit a Patent Assignment Recordation Coversheet to change patent ownership or owner name