Technology Center 2600 Customer Partnership Meeting

  Register to attend the Technology Center (TC) 2600 customer
  Partnership Meeting. This event is free, open to the public, and
  will be webcast to include viewing sessions at USPTO regional
  offices in Dallas, Denver, Detroit, and San Jose.

  The TC 2600 Customer Partnership Meeting provides you with 
  an opportunity to:

  • Obtain insight into the training that examiners and supervisors receive. 
  • Share your ideas and experiences, with attendees and management from TC 2600. 


Presentation Recordings

For inquiries, more information, and accessibility requests, please email: TC2600CustomerPartnership@USPTO.GOV.
Contact Catherine Perez 571-270-7874 or Dwayne Bost 571-272-7023.  

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This event is part of a series: Patents Customer Partnership