Patent Examination Policy

The Office of the Deputy Commissioner for Patent Examination Policy (PEP) establishes patent examination and documentation policy standards for the Commissioner for Patents. The Office also develops new rules, practices, and procedures; reviews and revises the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure; and trains examiners on legal issues. Further, the Office has been delegated authority by the Under Secretary and Director to decide patent related petitions.

To learn more about the individual offices that comprise the Patent Examination Policy organization, please visit the Patent Examination Policy organization pages.

Announcements and upcoming events

Patent Examination Policy functions

Resources and reference materials

Contact numbers and emails for patent-related questions

See Contact Patents for a useful list of offices, telephone numbers, and email addresses.

Contacting Patent Examination Policy

It may be appropriate to contact the following PEP offices at any point of the application process (before, during, and after examination).  See the Patent Application Initiative Timeline for programs and initiatives that are available to applicants during each stage of the application process.

OfficePhone or email
Manual of Patent Examination Procedure (MPEP)
Office of Patent Legal Administration -- Rule changes, Patent Term Adjustment & Extension, Reexamination, AIA571-272-7701 (General)
571-272-7702 (PTA)
571-272-7703 (Reexamination)
571-272-7704 (AIA & special projects)
Office of Petitions -- Reviews and decides petitions, requests, and related inquiries, regarding the filing of patent applications571-272-3282

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