Form-Fillable PDFs Available

USPTO currently has the following Form-Fillable PDFs available that will provide auto-loading of data directly into USPTO databases:

SB08a Information Disclosure Statement [PDF] (version 2.1.17, 31JAN2010)>> Instructions [DOC]
provides a means of listing all U.S. patents and U.S. publications, foreign patent documents and non-patent literature (NPL), submitted for consideration by USPTO in a nonprovisional patent application

AIA/14 Application Data Sheet [PDF] (Version 2.2.13, Released February 2018, Updated January 2022)>> Instructions [DOC]
submitted in either provisional or nonprovisional applications, and contains bibliographic data arranged in a format specified by USPTO
Supplemental instructions for ADS for 35 U.S.C. 371 national stage applications are available here.

SB16 Provisional Application for Patent Cover Sheet [PDF] (EFS-Web version 1.0.1, 01NOV2008)>> Instructions [DOC]

SB28 Petition to Make Special Under Accelerated Examination Program [PDF] (version 2.2.20, 27JUL2009)
provides a means of filing a petition to make special, other than those based on health, age or the PPH pilot program. See Accelerated Examination for more information.

SB30 Request for Continued Examination (RCE) Transmittal [PDF] (version 2.1.15, 27JUL2009)>> Instructions [DOC]

EFS-Web Form-Fillable PDFs require Adobe Acrobat or Reader 7.1 or higher.

For further information, please refer to the EFS-Web Hardware and Software Compatibility Matrix.

List of Changes made to the forms (updated 29JUL2009)


EFS-Web utilizes standard web-based screens and prompts to enable you to submit a portable document format (PDF) document directly to the USPTO within minutes. A key component of EFS-Web is the use of PDF Form-Fillable documents, which are interactive forms with various field types and formatting options that auto-load field information directly in USPTO's systems. PDF form-fillable files are portable; they may be circulated to various people in your office for completion prior to being submitted to the USPTO.

When used in conjunction with EFS-Web, PDF Form-Fillable documents can help the intellectual property community ease the filing and submission process and accelerate the processing of patent applications and documents in USPTO's technology infrastructure for users.


  • Form-Fillable PDF's allow USPTO to extract form data directly into the main database used to process forms so that the same information can appear in Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR)
  • By extracting data directly out of Form-Fillable PDF's, EFS-Web users can minimize rework and improve data accuracy for all types of filings
  • Improved data accuracy reduces the need to file additional papers, such as "Correction of Filing" forms
  • Form-Fillable PDF's require no PDF creation software; only the latest free version of Acrobat Reader is needed to use the forms.


  • Ability to print forms with data entered by the user o Ability to save the form electronically with data embedded
  • Capability to re-open the saved form to modify existing data
  • Ability to import data in XML format from document management systems and other databases. Note: The "Import Data" feature is not available for the latest ADS form. USPTO is troubleshooting this problem. More info.
  • Ability to export data in XML format to document management systems and other databases



There are many other PDF forms on the USPTO web site but these do not save data. These legacy PDF forms can be filled out and submitted to USPTO using EFS-Web; however, the field information will not be automatically loaded onto USPTO systems.

Download other USPTO Fillable Forms (All forms are available in Adobe's PDF format for viewing and printing. To view and use the forms you must install Adobe Acrobat reader on your computer.)

If users create their own Form-Fillable PDFs, or modify USPTO Form-Fillable PDFs, the data will be accepted, however data in individual fields will not auto-load into USPTO systems.