Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) - Fast Track Examination of Applications

Patent Prosecution Highway The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) speeds up the examination process for corresponding applications filed in participating intellectual property offices.

Under PPH, participating patent offices have agreed that when an applicant receives a final ruling from a first patent office that at least one claim is allowed, the applicant may request fast track examination of corresponding claim(s) in a corresponding patent application that is pending in a second patent office. PPH leverages fast-track examination procedures already in place among participating patent offices to allow applicants to reach final disposition of a patent application more quickly and efficiently than standard examination processing.

There is no fee under the PPH programs. For further information, please see this Federal Register notice.

Flowchart of PPH examination process

Requesting accelerated examination under PPH

We are pleased to announce that on January 6, 2014, the USPTO launched pilots that simplify access to participating PPH offices. The new pilots - formulated under Global PPH and IP5 PPH auspices - replace existing forms and procedures that were unique to each PPH country pairing, with one form and common rules for participating countries.

The Global PPH and IP5 PPH pilot programs will run concurrently and are substantially identical, differing only with regard to their respective participating offices. Because the USPTO has elected to participate in both the Global PPH pilot program and the IP5 PPH pilot program, a PPH request may be filed in the USPTO based on the work product of any office participating in either pilot program. Furthermore, because the respective requirements for the Global PPH and IP5 PPH pilot programs are equivalent, USPTO applicants need not specify which pilot program is being utilized.

Any earlier, positive results (whether PCT or national work product) from any of the IP offices in the list below may potentially form a basis for PPH status at the USPTO under these new simplified pilot programs. All the countries listed can use the single request form found in the link below. The strategic possibilities are countless for IP owners!

Global and IP5 PPH participants with the USPTO

List of international IP offices with national flags
Flags of PPH participants


Request form for the Global PPH and IP5 PPH pilot programs

Notice announcing the Global PPH and IP5 PPH pilot programs

Notice announcing the Continuation of the Global PPH pilot program

Notice announcing the Continuation of the IP5 PPH pilot program

Learn more about the Global PPH pilot at the Global PPH section of the PPH portal Web site.

Other Patent Prosecution Highway programs

In addition to the Global PPH and IP5 PPH pilot programs, the USPTO has PPH agreements with the following Intellectual Property Offices around the world. These countries are not yet included in the Global PPH so applicants must use the special forms noted in the table. For information, requirements and the request form for each of the PPH programs, click on the links below: 

BrazilPPH between USPTO and Brazil (Bilateral agreement under Global principles)Request form (SB/20BR) [PDF]
Czech RepublicPPH between USPTO and Czech RepublicRequest form (SB/20CZ) [PDF]
EurasiaPPH between USPTO and Eurasian Patent Office (TBD)Request form (SB/20EA) [PDF]
 MexicoPPH between USPTO and Mexico (Bilateral agreement under Global principles)Request form (SB/20MX) [PDF]
NicaraguaPPH between USPTO and NicaraguaRequest form (SB/20NI) [PDF]
PhilippinesPPH between USPTO and PhilippinesRequest form (SB/20PH) [PDF]
Romanian flag with vertical blue, yellow, and red stripes
PPH between USPTO and Romania (Bilateral agreement under global principles)
Request form (SB/20RO) [PDF]
ChilePPH between USPTO and Saudi Arabia (Bilateral agreement under global principles)Request form (SB/20SA) [PDF]
TaiwanPPH between USPTO and Taiwan Intellectual Property OfficeRequest form (SB/20TW) [PDF]


PPH Flyer PPH Statistics PPH FAQ


If you have specific questions about PPH, send an e-mail to

Electronic filing support is available through the Patent Electronic Business Center (EBC) at 866-217-9197 (toll-free) or 571-272-4100 from 6 a.m. to 12 Midnight Eastern Time, Monday - Friday, or by e-mail to

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