Patent Prosecution Highway Between USPTO and INPI (Pilot)

The Patent Prosecution Highway in Conjunction with the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI)

Under this pilot program of the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH), an applicant who receives a positive ruling on a patent claim(s) from either the Brazilian National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) or the USPTO may request accelerated prosecution of corresponding claim(s) in the other office. The PPH allows the applicant to obtain a patentability decision in the office of later examination (OLE) more quickly. Furthermore, the PPH promotes patent application processing efficiency by allowing the examiner in the OLE to reuse the search and examination results from the office of earlier examination, thereby reducing workload and duplication of effort.

As of May 25, 2010, the USPTO has eliminated the fee for the petition to make special under the PPH programs.

The trial period for this PPH pilot program between the USPTO and the INPI, which commenced on January 11, 2016, and was scheduled to end on January 10, 2018, is in the process of being extended. A formal announcement regarding the extension will be issued later this year. PPH requests made after January 10, 2018, based on INPI work product will continue to be accepted unless a notice of termination is published in the Official Gazette.

Patent Prosecution Highway Requests to INPI

Information on making a request at the INPI


For any inquiries regarding filing a PPH request to the USPTO, please contact the Office of Petitions at

For any inquiries regarding filing a PPH request to the INPI, please contact Jesus J. Hernandez at