Startup Resources

Many startup businesses face unique IP-related challenges, such as IP portfolio prerequisites to secure funding, and the possibility of costly patent infringement demand letters and lawsuits. We have tailored this area of our website to suit the specific needs of startup businesses, a segment of our stakeholders that continues to be recognized as an outsized engine of job creation, economic growth, and unparalleled innovation in the United States.

Patents for Startups

The patent process can be challenging if you are not familiar with it. Here is basic information on the patent process.

Trademarks for Startups

The trademark process can be confusing for a beginner, so here is basic information on registering a trademark.

Startup Assistance

The Inventors Assistance Center and Trademark Assistance Center provide information and services to the public. Center staff can answer questions on patent and trademark processes, but cannot provide specific legal advice.

Current Events

Information about conferences, conventions and other opportunities to engage.

Scam Prevention

We provide a public forum for the publication of complaints concerning invention promoters/promotion firms. However, we do not investigate complaints or participate in legal proceedings related to invention promoters.

Pro Se - Pro Bono

Are you a startup with limited resources and need help applying for a patent on an invention? If so, you may be eligible to receive pro bono (“for free”) attorney representation through the nationwide Pro Bono Program. Alternatively, you might be eligible to participate in a law school clinical program near you.

Education & Information

Guides and additional resources and information for startups.



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