Patent Litigation Docket Reports Data

The Patent Litigation Dataset contains detailed patent litigation data on 74,623 unique district court cases filed during the period 1963-2015. OCE collected all of the data from the Public Access to Court Electronics Records (PACER) and RECAP, an independent project designed to serve as a repository for litigation data sourced from PACER. The final output datasets, provided in five different files, include information on the litigating parties involved and their attorneys; the cause of action; the court location; important dates in the litigation history; and descriptions of all documents submitted in a given case, which cover more than 5 million separate documents contained in the case docket reports.

A document describing these data is available and can be cited as: Marco, A., A. Tesfayesus, A. Toole (2017). “Patent Litigation Data from US District Court Electronic Records (1963-2015).” USPTO Economic Working Paper No. 2017-06. Available at SSRN:

The OCE developed these data files for public use and encourage users to identify fixes and improvements. Please provide all feedback to:


US District Courts Patent Litigation: Docket Reports Data 1963-2015

Data Files

Download full set of data files [.dta format (280 MB)][.csv format (274 MB)]

Download individual data files:

File Name 2015
cases DTA
3.13 MB
2.94 MB
names DTA
7.18 MB
6.92 MB
attorneys DTA
19.1 MB
28.4 MB
documents DTA
247 MB
233 MB
pacer_cases DTA
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Note: The DTA (Stata dataset) files are saved in the Stata-13 data file format.