2020 award recipients

The 2020 Patents for Humanity awards recognize six recipients and two honorable mentions. An awards ceremony honoring the award winners premiered Thursday, September 17, 2020 on USPTO's Facebook page.

Watch a recording of the event.


Drugs & vaccines icon  Medicine 

Global Vision 2020: USee Vision Kit

USee Vision Kit™ provides prescription eyeglasses in a cost effective way to hundreds of people who normally lack access to vision care, particularly in remote parts of the world.

Sisu Global: Hemafuse

Hemafuse is a highly effective, mechanical alternative to transfusing donor blood. With a simple push and pull of a handle, Hemafuse can salvage, filter, and recycle blood from internal bleeding, without the use of electricity.

Sanaria: PfSPZ Malaria Vaccine

Sanaria developed a whole parasite vaccine for Malaria with an effectiveness rate exceeding that of most Malaria vaccines developed in recent years.


Clean Tech icon Sanitation


The Flexcrevator surpasses manual emptying by enabling fast, safe, and hygienic fecal sludge removal.


Utilizing state-of-the-art membrane bioreactor technology, the NEWgenerator can simultaneously recover nutrients, energy, and water from wastewater.


Living Standards icon Living Standards


Nonspec provides affordable and highly adjustable prosthetic limb systems that can be taken off the shelf and adjusted in under an hour for amputees in need.


Honorable Mentions

  • Rubitection Inc. for a medical device used for the early detection of bed sores, improving quality of care, and quality of life for patients.

  • Warming Indicator by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for a low-cost, convenient, re-usable and non-electric infant warmer that maintains a temperature of 37C (average human core temperature) for approximately six hours. It can be used when a mother is not available for skin-to-skin care, until her infant is mature enough to maintain a stable, normal body temperature.

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