Patent Subject Matter Eligibility: Roundtable 2

Exploring the Legal Contours of Patent Subject Matter Eligibility. 

Over the past six years, the U.S. Supreme Court has issued a series of decisions—BilskiMayoMyriad, and Alice—that have significantly impacted patent eligibility law and continue to generate substantial public debate.

This second roundtable focused on receiving feedback regarding larger questions concerning the legal contours of eligible subject matter in the U.S. patent system.  Additional details about the roundtables are in a Federal Register Notice published October 17, 2016.

Report: A report summarizing public views obtained from Roundtable 2 may be found here.

Agenda: RT2 Agenda

Roundtable Presentations:

Transcript: Final Roundtable 2 Transcript

Written comments for Roundtable 2 are available here.

Additional information regarding current Subject Matter Eligibility policies can be found here.