Anti-counterfeiting campaign

Don't get burned by fakes. GOforREAL

Whether it's knockoff electronic devices with faulty batteries that catch fire or foods and perfumes containing poisonous substances, counterfeiting has the potential to cause real harm. We're working with the National Crime Prevention Council to raise awareness about the dangers of counterfeit goods and merchandise. Our Go for Real campaign reaches audiences across the United States and the world through various mediums, including:

  • Social media and online advertising
  • Interactive web content
  • Radio ads
  • Handouts, posters, and other print material

These materials are available for your household, classroom, or organization to help promote anti-counterfeiting awareness. Learn more about the Go for Real campaign at the campaign website.

Visit the Go for Real campaign website


A full line of online media and content will help you understand what to watch out for.

Did you buy a fake helmet? GOforREAL


Use the hashtag #GoforReal to let people on social media know about the dangers of counterfeits.



Campaign posters and handouts can be used to spread anti-counterfeiting awareness. 

Did you buy fake makeup?


More USPTO anti-counterfeiting information

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