Trademark counterfeiting and consumer fraud related to the COVID-19 outbreak

How to spot a counterfeit The “four Ps” for consumers and healthcare workers Price: Is the price too good to be true? Package: Is the packaging off? Are there misspellings or color imbalances? Is the product known to be counterfeited? Product: Is it fit for its designed purpose? Does it compare with what you have purchased before? Place: Did you buy it from a trusted source, either online or at a physical location?

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to a surge in fraudulent activity, including the advertising and sale of counterfeit treatments and products. This is an immediate and growing concern, as criminals seek to take advantage of the high demand for healthcare and other consumer products. Below are several resources to help healthcare workers and the general public identify and report instances of fraud and counterfeiting related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Additional resources are available at the USPTO COVID-19 response resource center.

Federal government resources

The following federal agencies offer information on the COVID-19 outbreak and ways to avoid scams:

Ways to report fraud and counterfeiting

If you have encountered fraud or counterfeiting related to the COVID-19 outbreak, report: