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Exports and imports by U.S. IP-intensive industries

Office of Policy International Affairs; Office of the Chief Economist, Economic Note

June 2022
Issue 101
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This IP Economic Note considers the foreign trade activities of industries that most intensely use IP.

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In this IP Economic Note, we complement the results of the USPTO’s recently released Intellectual property and the U.S. economy: Third edition, with a look at the foreign trade activities of U.S. industries that most intensively use IP. We find that these industries accounted for nearly 80% of all commodity exports in 2019 and nearly 85% of services exports in 2017. The aerospace products and parts manufacturing industry was the leading commodity exporter in 2019, accounting for $140 billion, while the software publishing industry was the leading services exporter in 2017, accounting for $43 billion.

Intellectual Property and the U.S. Economy: Third Edition report cover art

Intellectual property and the U.S. economy: Third edition

March 2022
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This report on intellectual property (IP) and the U.S. economy builds on reports published in 2012 and 2016. It provides an update on the importance of IP-intensive industries to the U.S. economy and takes a fresh look at the approach used to determine those results.

IP Data Highlights no. 5: Inventing AI, text on a green background.

Inventing AI: Tracing the diffusion of artificial intelligence with U.S. patents

October 2020
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A U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) report, titled "Inventing AI: Tracing the diffusion of AI with U.S. patents," finds that AI is diffusing broadly across technologies, inventor-patentees, companies, and U.S. geography. Read the report.


IP Data Highlight no. 4: Progress and Potential report, text on a purple background.

Progress and Potential: 2020 update on U.S. women inventor-patentees

July 2020
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A USPTO study updates the 2019 report and finds, among other things, that women make up an increasing share of all new entrants to the patent system, rising from about 5% of new inventor-patentees in 1980 to 17.3% by 2019. 


 IP Data Highlight no. 3: Adjusting to Alice report, text on a blue background.

Adjusting to Alice: USPTO patent examination outcomes after Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International

April 2020
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The 2014 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International significantly increased the percentage of Section 101 rejections in first office actions received by patent applicants and, importantly, increased the degree of uncertainty facing applicants in the examination process. 


mashup of patent art and Inventors Hall of Fame inductees

Report to Congress pursuant to P.L. 115-273, the SUCCESS Act

October 2019
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A USPTO report finds that inventors who apply for and receive a patent may experience a wide range of personal benefits, including heightened prestige, increased income, promotions, new job opportunities, and increased professional networks. 


IP Data Highlights no. 2: Progress and Potential, text on a purple background.

Progress and Potential: A profile of women inventors on U.S. Patents

February 2019
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The USPTO released a report on the trends and characteristics of U.S. women inventors named on U.S. patents granted from 1976 through 2016. The report shows that women still comprise a small minority of patent inventors. Further, it highlights the untapped potential of women to spur U.S. innovation.


 IP Data Highlights no. 1: International collaboration and ownership on patents issued to Chinese inventors, text on a yellow background.

International collaboration and ownership on patents issued to Chinese inventors

April 2018
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This report examines collaboration and ownership patterns on U.S. patents granted to Chinese inventors from 2000 through 2016. The analysis uses data on inventor residence and owner location from the Patent Examination Research Dataset (PatEx) and PatentsView, a web-based data resource supported by OCE. 


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