Chief Economist Speaker Series

Academics are invited to the USPTO to present their latest research on patent, trademark, trade secret or copyright issues. Find their recent research at their scholar pages linked below.


November 9 - "Gender and Application Dynamics in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Applications," Gauri Subramani (Lehigh University)

September 28 - "Reliance on Science by Inventors: Hybrid Extraction of In-text Patent-to-Article Citations,Linguistic Metrics for Patent Disclosure: Evidence from University Versus Corporate Patents," Nancy Kong (University of Sydney)

July 8 - "Reliance on Science by Inventors: Hybrid Extraction of In-text Patent-to-Article Citations," Matt Marx (Cornell University)

May 20 - "Patenting inventions or inventing patents? Strategic use of continuations at the USPTO," Tim Simcoe (Boston University)

April 1 - "Antitrust and Innovation Competition," Daniel Spulber (Northwestern University)



September 23 - "Quantifying the Impact of AI on Productivity and Labor Demand: Evidence from U.S. Census Microdata," Lee Branstetter (Carnegie Mellon University) and Nikolas Zolas (U.S. Census Bureau)

February 18 - "How fast is this novel technology going to be a hit? Antecedents predicting follow-on inventions," Reinhilde Veugelers (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)

January 28 - "Evaluating the PTAB as a Substitute for the Federal Courts," Saurabh Vishnubhakat (Texas A&M University School of Law)



November 14 - "Catalysts for Gender Inclusion in Innovation: The Role of Universities and their Top Inventors," Mercedes Delgado (Copenhagen Business School)

October 24 - "Strategic Citation: A Reassessment," Jeffrey Kuhn (UNC Chapel Hill)

October 10 - "The Patent Troll: Benign Middleman or Stick-Up Artist?," Ufuk Akcigit (The University of Chicago)

September 18 - "Intellectual Property Rights and U.S. Trade," William Lincoln (Claremont McKenna College)

August 15 - "Reliance on Science in Patenting," Matt Marx (Boston University)

May 28 - "International trademarking and exports: A predictive analysis," Trevor Kollmann (Swinburne University of Technology)

May 13 - "Automatically Learning and Labeling Section Types for Structured Documents," Mark Finlayson (Florida International University)

May 9 - "The Innovation Gap in Pink and Black," Lisa D. Cook (Michigan State University)

April 11 - "Changes in the Demographics of American Inventors, 1870 – 1940," Michael Andrews (National Bureau of Economic Research)

March 27 - "TM-Link," Benjamin Mitra-Kahn (IP Australia)


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