Establishing employee resource groups

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) hosts a variety of community groups, commonly known as employee resource groups or affinity groups. These groups connect employees with shared backgrounds, characteristics, interests, or goals and offer them opportunities for networking, professional development, outreach, and mentorship. Use the information below to help establish affinity groups in your company.


We have created templates for a charter and bylaws that you can use to establish and maintain your own affinity groups.

Download charter template

Download bylaws template

National affinity groups

In addition to developing unique community groups at your company, you can also host chapters of established national affinity groups. The USPTO hosts chapters of:

More information on USPTO affinity groups

In celebration of the diversity at the USPTO, we’ve produced a series of videos featuring many of our affinity group members, the work they do, and the communities they represent.

Watch videos produced by USPTO affinity groups