AI and Emerging Technology Partnership engagement and events

Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology Partnership. Background is a robotic face against electric connectors.

The USPTO’s goal is to foster and protect innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emerging Technologies (ET) and bring those innovations to impact to enhance our country’s economic prosperity and national security and to solve world problems. 

The AI/ET Partnership is an ongoing cooperative effort between the USPTO and the AI/ET community, including academia, independent inventors, small businesses, industry, other government agencies, nonprofits, and civil society. The USPTO seeks to engage the AI/ET community on ongoing and future USPTO AI/ET efforts, such as using AI and ET within the agency to enhance the quality and efficiency of patent and trademark examination. Additionally, the USPTO seeks the public’s views on various intellectual property (IP) policy issues that uniquely affect the AI/ET community.

The AI/ET Partnership will begin with a series of meetings exploring AI/ET-related initiatives at the USPTO and IP policy issues impacted by AI and other ET. Participants from across the AI/ET community, as well as anyone with an interest in AI/ET, are encouraged to participate in these recurring meetings and provide feedback.

Upcoming events

Join the USPTO related initiative's first kickoff of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emerging Technology (ET) partnership series.