AI/ET Partnership Series #3: AI-driven innovation


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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emerging Technologies (ET) Partnership Series will hold its next meeting virtually and in person at the Arts District Mansion in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday, February 8. This meeting is being held in collaboration with Dallas Bar Association (DBA) Intellectual Property (IP) section and State Bar of Texas IP section.

During the event, panelists from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and diverse stakeholders from academia, industry, and law firms will explore various IP policy issues with respect to AI-driven innovation. The meeting will also include a public listening session.

This event is free and open to the public, but in-person attendance is limited, so register early. Registrants must indicate whether they are requesting to speak at the public listening session. Persons seeking to speak at the listening session must register by February 2, 2023.

The USPTO is published a notice in the Federal Register to announce this event.


A full agenda with speaker bios will be published on this page prior to the day of the event. Currently, the event will include discussions on the following topics:

Panel 1: AI-driven innovation – The current state of play 

From rapid drug discovery to utilizing AI to uncover novel ways of combining atomic and sub-atomic structures in order to develop new materials, AI is a driving force of innovation and change across diverse industries. This panel will do a deep dive into the current state of AI-driven innovation in different technology areas and potential IP considerations relating to these AI-driven innovations.  

Panel 2: AI inventorship  

Current U.S. law requires that an inventor must be a human. There is a growing consensus that AI is playing a greater role in the innovation process. However, the increasing role of machines, such as AI systems, in innovation and the invention-creation process raises questions of whether inventions made with contributions from a machine are eligible for patent protection. This panel will include perspectives from various stakeholders on the current state of AI technology in the invention creation process and how to address inventions created with significant AI contributions. 

Panel 3: Unanticipated IP challenges from AI-driven innovation 

As AI becomes more pervasive and inventors look toward state-of-the-art AI systems, there is concern about some of the unanticipated challenges from AI-driven innovation. This panel will discuss some of these challenges from an enforcement perspective. For example, what downstream impacts to IP enforcement and litigation arise from introducing black-box AI to the inventive process? Do applicants have to disclose AI-contributions in their patent applications to ensure validity of their patents? This panel will explore such questions to help identify the novel ways in which AI will shape tomorrow’s IP ecosystem.  

Public listening session 

The goal of the public listening session is to facilitate stakeholder feedback on the topics discussed during the three panels. 

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The following resources provide additional information about the topics discussed during the AI/ET partnership meeting:

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