Patent Prosecution Boot Camp, Module One

If you are a law student interested in pursuing a career in intellectual property, you need to understand the patent process and the ways patent examiners review your patent application. The Elijah J. McCoy Midwest Regional USPTO is offering an interactive four-part course on patent prosecution. Space is limited, so register early for Module One.

Module One covers an overview of patents, steps for filing provisional and non-provisional patent applications, and the examination process including legal statues in the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP). We recommend the following reading prior to this course: 35 USC 100; 35 USC 101, 35 USC 102; 35 USC 103 and 35 USC 112; MPEP 601 and MPEP 606-609.

Module Two covers the importance of patent claims, different types of claims, and claim interpretation. We recommend the following reading prior to this course: 35 USC 112 (a)-(f); MPEP 608.01(i)-(o); and MPEP 2111-2114.

Module Three covers legal statues more in-depth, including common prior art rejections, and ways to overcome rejections to advance patent prosecution towards allowance. We recommend the following reading prior to this course: 35 USC 102; 35 USC 103; MPEP 2120-2129; 2131; 2141-2145; and 2150-2159.

Module Four covers one of the most important skills for patent practitioners, drafting patent applications claims.  We recommend the following reading prior to this course: 37 CFR 1.58(a); 37 CFR 1.75; MPEP 608.01(i); MPEP 608.01(m); MPEP 2111; MPEP 2114 and MPEP 2173.05(e).

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