2021 National Patent Application Drafting Competition: Prior art search class

The 2021 National Patent Application Drafting Competition is now underway, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) invites your school to participate. The competition introduces law students to issues arising in U.S. patent law and develops their patent application drafting, amending, and prosecution skills.

To compete successfully, you need to understand how to conduct a prior art search. At this virtual presentation, you will learn about the benefits of searching, how to perform a prior art search using keywords and the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) system, and how to build a search strategy. We will also provide resources for filing your application. Space is limited, so learn more and register for this free event.

The November 7 session will be offered virtually via WebEx to those registered for the event. Please register by November 6th.

For accessibility requests, please email easternregionaloutreachoffice@uspto.gov or call 571-272-2243.

Contact information for participating regional offices, as well as local start times for this event, is as follows:


This event is part of a series: National Patent Application Drafting Competition