Trademark fundamentals

Learn how to register a trademark during an interactive question and answer session with experts from the USPTO's Trademark Assistance Center (TAC). During this virtual meeting with the TAC, you will be able to ask questions via video teleconferencing. Learn more and register early for this free event.

This event is intended for individuals with a beginning to intermediate level of knowledge of trademarks. To get the most out of this event, we recommend participants view some of the informational videos regarding trademark registration before the session and prepare specific questions to ask the experts.

The October 13 session will be offered virtually via WebEx to those registered for the event. Please register by October 12. 

For accessibility requests, or for more information, please contact the Rocky Mountain U.S. Patent and Trademark Office at or call 303-297-4600.

Contact information for participating regional offices, as well as local start times for this event, is as follows: 

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