TC2800 Semiconductor Customer Partnership

Technology Center 2800 - Semiconductor
Customer Partnership Meeting

The USPTO’s Semiconductor Customer Partnership Meeting is Thursday, July 26 from 8:30 am. – 3 p.m. (ET) at the USPTO headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.

The semiconductor workgroup examines solid-state devices and manufacturing processes, memory storage and retrieval, and lasers technologies. During this meeting, participants will be able to interact with USPTO personnel in person or via webcast.

Topics will include:

  • Appeal and pre-appeal processes, SPE Alex Sofocleous and TQAS Darren Schuberg
  • Certainty in search and CPC, SPE Brett Feeney
  • Interview tools and process, SPE William Kraig
  • TC2800 quality with MQAS Brian Sircus and Supervisory RQAS and TC2800 Quality Lead Cassandra Spyrou
  • Panel discussion of topics
  • Patent prosecution topic from an external stakeholder (TBD)

How to attend: RSVP by July 20, on our EventBrite registration page.

If you have questions or would like to present at the meeting, email TC2800CustomerPartnership@USPTO.GOV or contact:

Sue Purvis, 571-272-1236
Steven Loke, 571-272-1657
Wael Fahmy, 571-272-1705
Eva Montalvo, 571-270-3829
Davienne Monbleau, 571-272-1945

TC2800 Group Directors:

Joseph Thomas
Angela Sykes
Matthew Such
Robin Evans

Patents Customer Partnership Meetings (CPMs) like this one provide an opportunity for our customers to meet directly with technology center representatives in a collaborative forum to share ideas, experiences, and insights and discuss examination policies and procedures, mutual concerns, and solutions to common problems. Visit the CPM webpage on the USPTO website to learn more.