Promoting innovation in the life science sector and supporting pro-competitive collaborations: The role of intellectual property

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This joint USPTO – Department of Justice program focused on how patents and copyrights drive value in the life science sector and the effects of collaborations and partnerships, with specific attention paid to the antitrust implications of different cooperation and licensing strategies. There is no charge to attend the online program, but registration is required. 

There were 10 sessions spread over two afternoons. Panelists and speakers include leading figures from industry, government agencies, prominent research labs, the nonprofit sector, academia, and the broader legal and economic community, including a fireside chat between USPTO Director Andrei Iancu and Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division Makan Delrahim and a keynote address by former Director of the National Institutes of Health Dr. Elias A. Zerhouni.

    Program agenda

    View the full agenda of the program. Recording, transcripts, and presentation links are included below.

    Day 1 (September 23)

    Read Day 1 transcript.

    • The roles of patents in research and development of therapeutics, diagnostics, and vaccines, particularly during pandemics
    • Update on USPTO guidance on the patentability of life science inventions
    • Life science patents in practice
    • Panel discussion: Are changes to U.S. patent law needed to better support innovation and in life sciences and the development of COVID-19 solutions?
    • Copyright and innovation in the life sciences
    • Panel discussion: How copyright can create incentives or barriers to building data or information pools, and related licensing


    Day 2 (September 24)

    Read Day 2 transcript.

    • Collaboration and licensing strategies
    • How do regulation and antitrust enforcement impact competition and incentives for innovation?
    • Competition and collaboration: Examining competitive effects and antitrust risks associated with collaborations
    • Academics’ and economists’ views on collaboration and competition


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    Additional information

    For more information, contact Lakeshia Harley in the USPTO’s Office of Policy and International Affairs.