Design Webinar Series: Electronics and user interfaces

With relatively low cost and fast prosecution, design patents add value to any portfolio. Yet design patents are often overlooked when developing patent protection and branding strategies. If you want to understand how to leverage design patent strategies in their intellectual property portfolios, both in terms of maximizing portfolio value and success in enforcement, register today for this free series of events. 

Join Stephen Koziol, Acting Regional Director of the USPTO's Silicon Valley Regional Office, a panel of design examiners, patent experts in the Silicon Valley region, and other leading designers, to discuss electronics and user interfaces.

Speakers at the event will cover the following topics: 

  • The nuances involved in protecting electronics and user interfaces, particularly in view of new and emerging aspects of these technologies
  • Graphical user interfaces, animation, virtual reality, and more
  • Unique infringement challenges and design patents as key enforcement tools
  • The benefits of design patents in various industries

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This event is part of a series: Design Webinar Series