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Intent-to-Use Forms

  • The “Owner Information” page has been moved so that it now precedes the “Goods/Services” page.
  • For the Allegation of Use form, the handwritten pen-and-ink signature option has been added to the request to divide portion of the form.
  • Extension form changed to present a meaningful error message when payment attempt is rejected due to an attempt to submit a 2nd Extension form the same day as the 1st extension.
  • Old phone numbers will no longer appear when those fields are left blank.
  • Section 1(a) and 1(b) data is now properly parsed from the database so that the display within the forms is correct (that is, goods/services already based on Section 1(a), use in commerce, should not appear).
  • For Allegation of Use form, signature block properly appears in the text form within the e-signature process (bug fix).
  • If a petition is required instead of an SOU, displayed error message has been fixed so that it does not repeat the same text twice.
  • In the Extension form, if the box is checked to indicate that a Statement of Use has already been submitted or is being submitted with this Extension request, the text form has been changed so that the wording now reads “A Statement of Use has already been submitted or is being submitted,” rather than “A Statement of Use is being submitted along with the Extension Request.”
  • New warning text added at the top of the Allegation of Use form: WARNING: Unlike with an Amendment to Allege Use filed before an application has been approved for publication, the applicant may not withdraw a Statement of Use (SOU) filed after a Notice of Allowance has been issued if the SOU fails to meet the statutory requirements.  37 C.F.R. §2.88(g); TMEP §1109.17.   However, the applicant may file one “insurance” extension request with the SOU, or afterwards, in the limited situation where time remains in the existing six-month period in which the SOU was filed.  This would provide additional time to comply with the statutory requirements for filing the SOU.  37 C.F.R. §2.89(e)(1).  See TMEP §§1108.03 and 1109.16(c).
  • A spacing issue in the Extension form stylesheet (text form) has been fixed so that the docket/reference number will now appear more closely related to the relevant correspondence information.
  • Underlying HELP updated to fix the misspelling of the word “examining” and to substitute a reference to “registration” with “application.”
  • Programming changed to display warning of possible cross-over data problem if multiple versions of a form are left open.


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