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Post-Registration Forms

  • The “Owner Information” page has been moved so that it now precedes the “Goods/Services” page.
  • Changed how attorney and correspondence information is collected.
  • Old phone numbers will no longer appear when those fields are left blank.
  • Complete final listing of goods/services will be displayed, rather than, for example, the cryptic wording “Keep all listed” (i.e., approach will now mirror that of ITU forms).
  • Any additional owner(s) can now be deleted, if appropriate.
  • For the Section 8 & 15 form, the proper text related to the Section 15 will be displayed when the third radio button is selected to indicate that the 8 & 15 did not cover certain goods/services.   Previously, only the Section 8 language was appearing.
  • Section 8 and Section 8 & 15 forms added new warning about deleting goods/services.
  • In Section 15 form, remove the extra appearance of the word NOT at “THIS FILING SPECIFICALLY DOES NOT NOT COVER THE FOLLOWING GOODS OR SERVICES.”
  • In Section 15 form, instructions changed and stylesheet display changed not to reference “deletion,” but rather to which the Section 15 pertains.   The result is that the wording in the input table is changed from PROPOSED COMPLETE LISTING AFTER DELETION to PROPOSED COMPLETE LISTING TO WHICH FILING PERTAINS  [And related changed on the text form, so it reads as “The following is proposed as the complete final listing to which the Section 15 affidavit pertains: ________].
  • For the Section 8 & 9 form, changed the language appearing in the subject line for the final e-mail receipt.
  • Edits modified related to the permissible time periods for filing a Section 71.
  • Section 7 form added “Attorney Information” heading to text form.
  • Section 7 form added specific new field to allow entry of the explanation of the purpose of the submission (previously, this had to “shoehorned” in the “miscellaneous statement” field.)
  • Section 7 form has added Warning to note about bypassing declaration signature (similar to what exists in other forms).
  • Section 7 form corrected to ensure portable form retains new attorney information and new or different correspondence information.
  • Post-registration amendment form: While an actual specific form has not been developed, note that the front-end edits of the Voluntary Amendment form have been expanded so that a registration number may be entered, to allow submission of information to supplement a post-registration filing.
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