Orders issued by the Commissioner for Trademarks

The Commissioner for Trademarks possesses the authority to manage and direct all aspects of the activities of the USPTO that affect the administration of trademark operations. This includes the authority to exclude a person from serving as an attorney, correspondent, signatory, or domestic representative in trademark matters before the USPTO, when appropriate.

All attorneys and agents practicing before the USPTO in trademark or patent matters are subject to the USPTO Rules of Professional Conduct set forth in 37 C.F.R. §§ 11.101 et. seq. and disciplinary jurisdiction under 37 C.F.R. § 11.19(a).  Additionally, unauthorized individuals who represent others before the USPTO are subject to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the USPTO. See 37 C.F.R. § 11.19(a).

If, based on a review of the USPTO’s application and registration records, the Office of the Commissioner for Trademarks suspects that a party is engaging in unauthorized practice of trademark law or otherwise improper activities before the USPTO, the Commissioner may issue a show-cause order. A show-cause order requires the party receiving it to establish the legitimacy of its activities and to explain why the party should not be excluded from appearing before USPTO. Depending on the party’s response, a show-cause order may be followed by an exclusion order, which formally excludes the party from serving as an attorney, correspondent, domestic representative, and/or signatory in trademark matters before the USPTO. 

Get information on unauthorized practice of trademark law and who may practice before the USPTO in trademark matters. Has the USPTO excluded the party representing you? Visit our page on applicants and registrants represented by excluded parties for information on what you should do.

Below are show-cause orders and exclusion orders issued by the Commissioner for Trademarks, organized by date of issuance. See 37 C.F.R. §§ 2.17 and 11.14 regarding representation of others before the USPTO in trademark matters. Questions regarding practice before the USPTO may be directed to the USPTO’s Office of Enrollment & Discipline.

Note: The following show-cause orders and exclusion orders are unaltered scanned copies that include original signatures and/or evidence provided by third-parties. As a result, these documents are not compliant with Section 508. If you have difficulty accessing the information in these documents, please email TMPolicy@uspto.gov to request assistance. Include your phone number if you prefer speaking directly to a staff member.

Type of orderProceeding nameSerial number(s)


Show-causeIn re Yu Shuifeng884849436/3/2020
Show-causeIn re Xie Qiuping88518572, 88477038, 88477065


Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Yilin Chuangzhi E-Commerce Co., Ltd.884391366/3/2020
Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Lisida Technology Co., Ltd.883541836/3/2020
Show-causeIn re Jiang Qialing885349566/3/2020
Show-causeIn re Jiang Niyu88744064, 886867226/3/2020
Show-causeIn re Guo Guowei88523306, 88306254, 88306330, 88507030, 885161426/3/2020
Show-causeIn re Chenjian885474816/3/2020
Show-causeIn re Chen Xi884103596/3/2020
Show-causeIn re Blue Angel Farm Pte Ltd.88465465, 884654626/3/2020
Show-causeIn re Xisheng Xiamenxinxikejiyouxiangongsi88430792, 88417976, 88278441, 88330947, 88330954, 88330958, 88332639, 88332641, 88332645, 88392709, 88392734, 88392839, 883928643/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Shanghai Minsong Textile Co., Ltd.886489553/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Shanghai Maxfung Textile Co., Ltd.88648969, 886489583/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Quanzhou Pingyu Trading Co., Ltd.886973773/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Qingdao Yutaiyuan Dian Shang You Xian Gong Si887295863/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Qi Xue886615663/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Ningbo Tianhe Electric Tools Co., Ltd.887124543/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Ning Bo An Si Ke Dian Zi Shang Wu Co., Ltd.88657919, 886578843/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Ning Bo An Mu Dian Zi Shang Wu You Xian Gong Si884306713/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Ling Hairong886386293/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Lin Xia886828703/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Liao Qingcheng883308963/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Li Yuzhong885009053/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Li Wangchao880856983/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Li Wangchao88085724, 880658163/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Li Hua886175943/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Jinhua Lulu E-Commerce Co., Ltd.886207883/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Jiang Shan Zheng883236433/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Huang Yunxia886241083/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Hu Guodong886764013/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Henan FaDu Industry Co., Ltd.886885703/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Hehanshi Fuyi Zhiyi YouXiangongsi885291053/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Hao Xiaoxuan886437643/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Hangzhou Huixingyaofang Co., Ltd.886954013/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Han Yuan886354773/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Guo Xie886992713/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Guo Haiyan886240993/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Yuefeng Trading Co., Ltd.88656005, 88640205, 886419853/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Yimier Dress Co., Ltd.885032803/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Xunke Network Technology Co., Ltd.88664751, 886615753/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Minewill Equipment Co., Ltd.887080763/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Guangzhou Ai Shi Man Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.886347373/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Guangzhong Zency Leather Co. Ltd.878716983/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Fuzhou Ke Rui Li Trading Co. Ltd.886120293/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Fuzhou Hai Yui Bang Trading Co., Ltd.886120333/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Fundoll Global Limited886082113/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Foshan PoYi Clothing Co., Ltd.887024013/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Foshan Lao YouJi Furniture Industry Co., Ltd.883708183/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Feiya Shenzhen Information Technology Co., Ltd.884405683/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Fan Xiaohang886647183/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Du Ming879192803/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Dongguan Lorrins IT E-Commerce Co., Ltd.886828433/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Dang Fuyang886560913/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Cui Kanghua880786053/6/2020
Show-causeIn re ChunYang Light Industrial Products Co., Ltd.885069113/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Chen Zelin887124353/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Chen Yanhua885108493/6/2020
Show-causeIn re Chen Jiayuan884424863/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Anhui Ji Na E-Commerce Co., Ltd.887083163/9/2020
Show-causeIn re Zhuji Vermeer Jewelry Co., Ltd.886017842/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Zhuang Xiaojie886017882/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Zheng Le886440432/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Zewei Shao886373902/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Zeng Guang88553840, 88545422, 885539612/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Zanmei Zhang886373542/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Yiwu Xinyang Ecommerce Co., Ltd.886120382/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Yiwu Jincan Garment Co., Ltd.886440542/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Ying Huang886527482/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Xisheng Xiamenxinxikejiyouxiangongsi88332634, 88283498, 88278442, 88278442, 88278428, 88278426, 88168506, 884285772/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Shilai Lin88319415, 882993742/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Yixing Industrial Co., Ltd.885071852/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Keesi Tech Co., Ltd.886594592/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Dabenxiang Electronic Commerce Co. Ltd.886335012/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Chuancheng E-Commerce Co. Ltd.886315552/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Shenzhen Adaier Network Technology Co. Ltd.886088402/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Qiaoling Liu883272882/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Qian Hai Wang Chen Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.884264212/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Peichun Liu885022962/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Nanjing Kenyan Co. Ltd.886313882/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Luoyang Wenting Culture Communication Co., Ltd.885923312/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Lizhu Lin880802872/26/2020
Show-causeIn re JiaYuan Chen88507157, 87959610, 87959617, 87959625, 87959633, 884370522/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Huiyun Men884410032/26/2020
Show-causeIn re He Chaoxi886991172/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Hangzhou Tanyl Ecommerce Co., Ltd.885865242/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Guoping Jin886559852/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Feiya Shenzhen Information Technology Co., Ltd.88510797, 87957976, 87958016, 885091972/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Dongguan OHM Card Industrial Co. Ltd.886527432/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Chenghan Lin882785472/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Chen Yanhua88438845, 884265262/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Biqiong Zhuang88430729, 883891512/26/2020
Show-causeIn re Zhuhai Fengtaiyuan International Trade Co., Ltd.884845382/24/2020
Show-causeIn re Zhu Xiaodong883910852/24/2020
Show-causeIn re Zhu Naiyuan885471892/24/2020
Show-causeIn re Zhongshan ShengyiZhongshan Shengyi Baoshengguang Technology Co., Ltd.884713452/24/2020
Show-causeIn re Zhenwen Chen884749122/24/2020
Show-causeIn re Zhang Guoqiang884266232/24/2020
Show-causeIn re Yuyao Southeast Science and Education Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd.884811102/24/2020
Show-causeIn re Yangjiang Yangdong Baiying E-Commerce Co., Ltd885627392/24/2020
Show-causeIn re Yangfan Deng885202892/24/2020
Show-causeIn re Yaling Zhang884889742/24/2020
Show-causeIn re Xu Ningbin884563202/24/2020
Show-causeIn re Wuhan Estimo Trading Co., LTD885322632/24/2020
Show-causeIn re Wu Liying883749742/24/2020
Show-causeIn re Wu Huichao885301882/24/2020
Show-causeIn re Wenxia Ma884472382/24/2020
Show-causeIn re W&H Home Import and Export Co., Ltd.884285252/24/2020
Show-causeIn re Zhuji Yizhuo Trading Co., Ltd.884409082/21/2020
Show-causeIn re Zhu Pengfei886506292/21/2020
Show-causeIn re Zhou Guanghao886560272/21/2020
Show-causeIn re Zhengzhou Haozhiwang Trading Co., Ltd.887294912/21/2020
Show-causeIn re Zhang Xiaojie886208142/21/2020
Show-causeIn re Zhan Dabin887099402/21/2020
Show-causeIn re Zeng Zhidi886351252/21/2020
Show-causeIn re Zeng Qiaoling885254872/21/2020
Show-causeIn re Yongkang Yizu Trading Co., Ltd.886332962/21/2020
Show-causeIn re Yongkang Qixiang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.884971492/21/2020
Show-causeIn re Yin Lei885022442/21/2020
Show-causeIn re Ye Weinan887194012/21/2020



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