Anti-Counterfeiting Video Contest

Banner introducing the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s 2018 Video Contest called Consumers Combat Counterfeits. Banner shows the contest logo, which is three large bar-codes with Consumers Combat Counterfeits written under each bar code.

Think there’s no harm in buying a fake handbag or mobile phone? That’s not really hurting anyone, right?  Wrong.  Although counterfeit goods can be bought at a cheaper price than their legitimate counterparts, the actual cost of fake goods is high.  Counterfeit goods are often produced in ways that include no quality controls or safety checks.  This means that they are not only of inferior quality, but can even be dangerous to the consumer.  Think of counterfeit pharmaceuticals containing inactive or even toxic ingredients or untested electronics that catch fire without warning.  There’s real harm in fake goods.

Help us protect the health and safety of our friends, families, and communities by educating others about the real dangers of buying fake goods.  Let’s fight counterfeiting together by spreading the word about the dangers of counterfeit goods. We need you to help by creating a 30- to 60-second video showing the harmful effects of counterfeit products and the need to stop them at home and abroad. 

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