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Proposed rule. 2.197 and 2.198 mailing dates

Attn: Ms. Mary Hannon


Dear Ms. Hannon,


I certainly have no objection to this rule in concept, given the availability, success and prevalence of online filing.


However, if there is a computer glitch (either at pto OR at a company's or attorney's facility) there should be a safe harbor provision permitting filers to preserve critical dates. The rule could expressly provide for contingency in case is experiencing difficulties, OR in the event the prospective filer is having trouble getting online; a short one-page petition to accept paper in lieu of electronic, attesting to electronic difficulties, should be sufficient to provide the safety net. The prospects for non-voluntary compliance or abuse are fairly remote and the disruption to the Trademark office de minimum even should a very small cadre of filers opt for paper filing, by choice.


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