Roundtable on Intellectual Property and Trade Shows

The Rocky Mountain Regional Office will be hosting a watch party for an Alexandria, VA-based public roundtable to discuss approaches, strategies, and effective practices for addressing the kinds of infringement that most often occur at trade fairs and shows, including the infringement of copyrights, designs, patents, and trademarks.

Topics to be explored will include:

  • how U.S. government agencies and the courts can be used effectively when IP rights are infringed at a trade show,
  • legal measures and strategies available to rights holders before, during, and after a trade show,
  • recent and anticipated trends and challenges faced by rights holders and trade show operators.

In addition, speakers—who will represent academia, civil and criminal litigation practice, rights holder and industry associations, and the U.S. government—will offer their insights, along with case studies and legal strategies that have been successfully employed to remove allegedly infringing goods from a trade show venue.

Further information about the meeting is available in the Federal Register Notice(link is external), published on September 14, 2017, and HERE on the USPTO website.