Case Studies Pilot FAQs

The Topic Submission for Case Studies pilot program provides our stakeholders an opportunity to suggest patent quality-related topics for case studies that may be conducted by the Office of Patent Quality Assurance (OPQA).

Patent Help - Case Studies Pilot - Basics

No.  There is no limit placed upon the number of submissions from a person or entity.  However, each separate topic should be presented in a separate submission to ensure consideration.

Patent Help - Case Studies Pilot - General

Submissions should not contain information associated with any particular patent application or patent, any particular examiner, or any particular art unit.  Additionally, topics should focus on patent quality issues and not relate to other issues such as management concerns or statutory changes.  Furthermore, the submission should concisely explain the nature and purpose of the proposed study to aid the USPTO in selecting the best topic(s) for this pilot program and should not include lengthy supporting documentation or arguments.