Withdrawal from Issue Petitions

OPET – Office of Petitions
TC – Technology Center

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Petition Type

Average Days Pending of Decided Petitions

Median Days Pending of Decided Petitions

Grant Rate Percentage

Deciding Office

ePetition Option

505 - To Withdraw from Issue After Payment of the Issue Fee (37 CFR 1.313(c)(1))28792%OPETePetition Available - Get Immediate Decisions
506 - To Withdraw from Issue After Payment of the Issue Fee with Express ABN (37CFR 1.313(c)(3)10486%*OPETePetition Available - Get Immediate Decisions
555 - To Withdraw from Issue After Payment of Issue Fee (37 CFR 1.313(c)(1) or (2) with Assigned Patent Number5486%OPETePetition Available - Get Immediate Decisions
556 - To Withdraw from Issue Granted under 37 CFR 1.313(c)(3) With Assigned Patent Number, Application is Abandoned32.5100%*OPETePetition Available - Get Immediate Decisions
637 - To Withdraw from Issue Before Payment of an Issue Fee (37 CFR 1.313(a)). MPEP 1308146145.50%*TC 

*Infrequently Filed Petition
Displayed are 12 month rolling average and median values. When the median value is significantly different than the average value the median value will provide a better representation of when a particular category of petition has been decided. This is because a small number of outliers can disproportionately impact the average value. The values exclude ePetitions.

The data is current as of April 1, 2024, and is updated quarterly.