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Inventor Info Chat

The OID Inventor Info Chat series is designed to provide inventors with relevant information on topics that assist with applying for a patent. Each Inventor Info Chat webinar includes speaker(s) presenting for approximately 30 minutes with the remaining time for questions and comments.

Inventor Info Chats occur on the 3rd Thursday of each month, are free and open to all. 

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Joining the Webinar

To participate during the webinar, email your questions and/or comments to

Event Address

For more information on OID’s chats please send an email to

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2019 Chat Series

Feb. 21

11 a.m - Noon ET

Trademark: Live Demonstration of How to File a Trademark Application

  • Video (Coming Soon)

  • Scott Baldwin
    Trademark Attorney, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) 
  • Zandra Smith, Moderator
    Supervisory Patent Examiner, TC 2800
Jan. 17

11 a.m - Noon ET

MyUSPTO and accounts

  • Megan Arthur
  • Sean Wilkerson, Moderator
    Innovation Development Outreach & Program Specialist,
    United States Patent and Trademark Office


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General Information

To suggest topics for an upcoming Inventor Info Chat, request information on other events and/or general inquiries, please email

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