Collaborative Search Pilot Program (CSP)

Collaborative Search Pilot logoThe USPTO signed two independent collaborative search pilot Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC)s – one with the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and another with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO).  The purpose of these two pilots is to provide our stakeholders with search results from two Offices early in the examination process so the applicant can determine their next steps in patent prosecution. Both pilots will run for two (2) years with the option to extend.  For more general information about CSP, click here.

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What are the potential benefits of using CSP?

  • Greater consistency in examination across Offices leading to more certainty of IP rights.
  • Your application will be taken out of turn resulting in expedited search results and final disposition.
  • It’s FREE to file Petition.

JPO Pilot

► The JPO-USPTO pilot

The USPTO and JPO will exchange search and evaluation results identifying the best prior art and provide a work product that incorporates the efforts of the two Offices.  To better understand the workflow process, click here.

► JPO Pilot began August 1, 2015:

200 applications per year per office of first search.

Click the following links to visit JPO’s Collaborative Search Pilot Program (CSP) websites. (JPO's CSP English version website)  (JPO's CSP Japanese version website)


KIPO Pilot

► The KIPO-USPTO pilot

The KIPO and the USPTO will conduct two independent searches and provide both work products to the applicant for consideration.  To better understand the workflow process, click here.

►  KIPO Pilot began September 1, 2015

200 applications for each office of earliest priority.

The material below provides general information on specific requirements under this pilot program and are merely supplemental to the program requirements as set for in the Federal Register notice.

Click the following links to visit KIPO's Collaborative Search Pilot Program (CSP) websites. (KIPO's CSP English version website) (KIPO's CSP Korean version website)


Who may participate in CSP?

 ►  Applicant Requirements:

  • Applicant consents to permit the USPTO and its partner Offices to share information under portions of 35 USC 122.
    • (a) for sending to and receiving from KIPO search results in US Applications.
    • (c) for receiving KIPO/JPO search results and commentary in published US Applications.

►  Application Requirements:

  • Based on First Action Interview (FAI) Program.
    • Claim Limits – 3 Independent/20 Total.
    • Directed to a single invention.
  • Claims must correspond between Offices. (slight difference between JPO and KIPO)
  • Earliest priority date must be post-AIA.
  • Application unexamined in both Offices.
  • Granted Petition in both Offices.

For more information please see our detailed JPO and KIPO Federal Register Notices.

How can you participate in CSP?

File your free CSP Petition today! Petitions must be granted in both First Office and Second Office prior to acceptance into CSP.

CSP Statistics 

 07/12/2017 Petitions
% of Goal
JPO 8/1/15-7/31/17  ŸŸ *  200 Petitions Per Year 60 30% 140
KIPO  9/1/15-8/31/17 Ÿ *  400 Petitions Per Office 91 23% 309

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