Collaborative Search Pilot Program (CSP)

CSP will return in Fall 2017

Due to the success of the Collaborative Search Pilot Program (CSP) 1.0, the USPTO will be kicking off CSP 2.0 on November 1, 2017. CSP 2.0 will combine the most successful characteristics and user feedback from our initial pilot into a single process for each participating Office. The purpose of CSP is to provide our stakeholders with search results from multiple Offices early in the examination process so the applicant can determine their next steps in patent prosecution.

CSP 2.0 – November 2017 through October 2019

Combining lessons learned and stakeholder feedback

The proposed pilot will use parallel searches in each office followed by exchanging results prior to creating a First Action on the Merits for the applicant. The USPTO will consider partner Office’s references in the FAOM to reduce applicant’s IDS burden.

► The new pilot process flow


Collaborative Search Project flowchart

► Stay tuned … more information will be coming soon.

What are the potential benefits of using the CSP?

  • Greater consistency in examination across Offices leading to more certainty of IP rights.
  • Applications will be taken out of turn resulting in expedited search results and final disposition.
  • References provided by partner offices considered prior to first action.
  • It’s FREE to file Petition in the USPTO.

Please check out our recent quality chat on international work sharing video, including information on CSP here

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CSP 1.0 __________________________________________________________________________

Want to learn more about CSP 1.0? Please check out our information below:

In 2015, the USPTO signed two independent collaborative search pilot Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC)s – one with the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and another with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO).  The purpose of these two pilots is to provide our stakeholders with search results from two Offices early in the examination process so the applicant can determine their next steps in patent prosecution.

Both pilots ran for two (2) years. Now that they have come to the end of their duration – we are planning for CSP 2.0. For more general information about our initial pilot programs click here.

JPO Pilot - Ended July 31, 2017

► JPO Pilot began August 1, 2015 through July 31, 2017

For two years, USPTO and JPO exchanged serially developed search and evaluation results identifying the best prior art and provide a work product that incorporates the efforts of the two Offices. Review the workflow process for a better understand.  The pilot consisted of up to 200 applications per year per office of first search.  Click the following links to visit JPO’s Collaborative Search Pilot Program (CSP) websites: (JPO's CSP English version website)  (JPO's CSP Japanese version website)

KIPO Pilot - Ended August 31, 2017

► KIPO-USPTO pilot began September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2017

For two years, KIPO and the USPTO conducted two independent searches and provideed both work products to the applicant for consideration.  The workflow process provides a better understanding.  200 applications for each office of earliest priority were permitted to be followed each year.

Click the following links to visit KIPO's Collaborative Search Pilot Program (CSP) websites: (KIPO's CSP English version website) (KIPO's CSP Korean version website)

CSP Statistics

 08/31/2017 Petitions
% of Goal
JPO 8/1/15-7/31/17  ŸŸ *  200 Petitions Per Year 72 36% Pilot Complete
KIPO  9/1/15-8/31/17 Ÿ *  400 Petitions Per Office 111 28% Pilot Complete



What's New

USPTO's July 11, 2017 Quality Chat, Work Sharing Efforts, Presentation Slides and Video.  (Please note, CSP portion starts at 13.15 minutes.)

Collaborative Search Pilot Program (CSP)

NOTE: Some material linked to and from this page may require a PDF viewer.

If you need assistance with viewing or downloading the CSP PDF forms, please contact the Patent Electronic Business Center (EBC) at 866-217-9197 (toll-free) or 571-272-4100 from 6 a.m. to 12 Midnight Eastern Time, Monday - Friday.

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