15 - Attorney or Agent Withdrawals

Deciding Office: The Office of Petitions

The criteria for a Petition related to Attorney or Agent Withdrawals is set forth in 37 CFR 1.36, and MPEP § 402.06.

In general, these are the steps to follow for filing a Petition related to Attorney or Agent Withdrawals:

  • A Petition requesting Withdrawal as Attorney or Agent of Record under 37 CFR 1.36 must be signed by every attorney/agent seeking to withdraw or contain a clear indication that one attorney or agent is signing on behalf of another/others. It should be understood that a petition requesting withdrawal of an attorney or agent of record is not effective when filed, but is only effective after it has been granted.


  • No fee is required.

How to File:

  • This petition can be filed as an ePetition.
  • If not being filed as an e-Petition, it may be filed using any of these delivery methods.

For the relevant patent laws and rules applicable to for for Petitions related to Attorney or Agent Withdrawals, please see:

  • 37 CFR 1.36, Revocation of power of attorney; withdrawal of patent attorney or agent;
  • MPEP § 402.06, Attorney of Agent Withdrawals; and
  • 1329 OG 99 (08 Apr 2008), Change in Procedure for Requests to Withdraw from Representation In a Patent Application.


The following form is available: Petition Form PTO/SB/83.

For further assistance, please contact the Petitions Help Desk between 8:30 AM - 5 PM (EDT).