Patent Center

Patent Center Beta is now available for all users. Patent Center is a new tool for electronic filing and management of patent applications. Patent Center and DOCX filing features:

  • Updated infrastructure to enable more efficient system integration
  • Increased functionality and overall system usefulness
  • Enhanced user experience through improved interface
  • Single unified interface for patent applicants
  • Use of existing accounts and sponsorships
  • Submission of the specification, claims and abstract in a single DOCX document without the need to manually separate sections
  • Elimination of user conversion from DOCX into a PDF for filing
  • Security of documents through automatic DOCX metadata detection and scrubbing
  • Improved processes for patent submission, review, and management
  • Uses same authentication and sponsorship process as EFS-Web and PAIR
  • Practice filing in DOCX format in Patent Center Training mode

Electronic filing provides multiple benefits, such as immediate routing of documents to USPTO internal systems, an Acknowledgement Receipt to show that the USPTO has received the submission, reduced manual processing and paper waste, elimination of wait times associated with conventional mailing, and the ability to save your submission package to complete, review, or submit at a later time. Electronic Filing System - Web (EFS-Web) and Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) system, will remain available and customers should use them for items not yet implemented in Patent Center.

Patent Center Feedback

USPTO would like to thank our Patent Center alpha and beta participants for using Patent Center and providing input for improvements!  In response to your feedback, USPTO has implemented many of your suggestions for Patent Center, which include:

  • Improved system performance
  • Accepting multi-section DOCX files
  • Provided a workaround for electronic Plant application submissions
  • Facilitated document description selection with type ahead search of keywords
  • Storing Saved Submissions for 14 days
  • Increased the number of documents that can be filed in one submission to 100
  • Ability to switch between attorneys without having to reauthenticate

Additional feedback currently in development

During the beta phase, not all functionality is available but we are working diligently to complete implementation of EFS-Web, Public PAIR, and Private PAIR functionality in Patent Center. We are also currently working on additional functionality that you have suggested which will be available soon:

  • Providing quick access to your last 40 submission receipts
  • Searching by attorney docket number from the Home page
  • Displaying the attorney document number on the fee payment page
  • Filing an Assignment through Patent Center
  • Inventor name filter in the Workbench
  • Ability to remove a registration number from multiple customer numbers
  • Download documents indicator for Correspondence
  • Correcting the Patent offices missing from the ADS foreign priority drop down list

For the following suggestions that we’re unable to implement due to restrictions or technical limitations, please see more explanation in the Patent Center FAQ's:

  • Can the inactivity time-out be extended?
  • Can Practitioner Support users sign and file ePetitions, eTDs, Web85b, and other submissions?
  • Can patent drawings be submitted in greyscale and color?
  • Can I get a combined Submission and Payment Receipt?

Patent Center known issues and  workarounds

The following limitations and known issues apply to the current Patent Center release: