Traditional Knowledge and Medicine Dictionaries/Databases

An Herbal / Medical Dictionary Glossary of terms used in herbalism, medicine and physiology. By Michael Moore
Annie’s Remedy   

General guide to herbal medicine including common and botanical names, some records have citation information. (Check out the Herb Chart link-chart contains links to records)

Arctic Science PortalArctic Science Portal is a library of links (URLs) to websites where Arctic data are made publicly available. These websites contain information about indigenous plants and their uses.
Cacti GuideCommon and Latin names, photographs
Crane Herb Company Formulas, specific compositions, English and PinYin names
Dasherb Latin, English, PinYin and Chinese names, descriptions, uses
Dictionary of Natural Products170,000 natural products with names and synonyms, formulae, chemical structures, CAS Registry Numbers, extensive source data, uses and applications, physical state, melting point, boiling point, pKa, and key literature citations
Dr. Duke’s Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases All references are to Duke, James A. 1992. The linked records contain plant names, alternative names for plants, and information about chemicals found in plants.
Eastern Chinese Medicine Export CompanyLatin, English and PinYin names, searchable by medical use or symptoms
Find Me A CureBotanical names with common names in English, Chinese, and multiple Indian languages. Includes information about uses of herbs. Searchable via text input box, Herbs Glossary (botanical names), and list of Ailments and Remedies.
Find Wild FlowersIdentification of British flora
Fungal DatabaseUSDA. Scientific and common names, synonyms, specimens, literature
Germplasm Resources Information Network - GRIN USDA. Scientific and common names, synonyms
Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages10,500 plant names in more than 60 different languages, origins, constituents, etymology, images, uses
Hawaiian Ethnobotany Online Database Database of Hawaiian names, species names, and vernacular names of plants. The linked records contain information about the uses of the plants with references.
Herbal Medicine Materia MedicaHerbal Medicine Materia Medica. Descriptions, constituents, cited references
iChinese Herbs Latin, common and PinYin names
ITISInteragency Taxonomic Information System. Diverse US Government agencies partnership. Standardized nomenclature, taxonomic data, hierarchical classification. Hyperlinks to diverse off-site resources
KalyxCommercial bulk herbs and extracts; Latin, English and PinYin names
Korean Traditional Knowledge Portal (KTKP)

KIPO's database service for searching TK from some old and very recent Korean and Chinese medicine including journal articles and patents.  Requires registration/subscription.

Liber HerbarumCross-referenced herbal medicine database based fully on printed sources, inspired by the first known Danish medicine book “Liber Harbarum” written by Henrik Harpestgreng in the 13th century.
Malta Wild PlantsDetailed records for wild flowering plants of Malta. By Stephen Mifsud
Mushroom Nutrition 

Scientific and common names, descriptions, and medicinal uses for mushrooms with citations to literature provided

Database of natural products , including ethnomedical information, pharmacological/biochemical information on extracts of organisms in vitro, in situ, in vivo, in human (case reports, non-clinical trials) and clinical studies.  Fee required
Native Plants Hawaii A single, comprehensive and searchable online knowledgebase of endemic and indigenous plants of Hawaii.  Some records name additional reference works.
Natural Medicines Comprehensive DatabaseEvidence-based clinical relevance. Searchable by product name or medical condition. Links to PubMed
Northern Ontario Plant DatabaseRecords for some 55,000 herbarium specimens from northern Ontario educational and government institutions.
Oro Verde Green Gold from Amazonia 

Guide to Amazonian and Andean medicinal plants including common and botanical names, records contain citation information (click on any of the "more info" links to see records)

Plants for a FutureLatin and common names, uses, constituents, cited references.

Registration required.

PlantsciencenetbaseCRC collection. Covers individual plants, from historical to modern topics, as well as transgenics and evolutionary biology
Raintree Tropical Plant Database             

Raintree has been dedicated to providing accurate and factual information on the important plants of the Amazon Rainforest.

Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions Database of medicinal plants containing uses, botanical names, common names, and Sanskrit names.
Southwest School of Botanical MedicineKnown chemical constituents for over 250 medicinal plants
The Biota of North America Program  North American Vascular Flora (BONAP)

National Database, for native food plants used by North American avifaunal and Lepidopteran species and on-line vascular plant floras for over three hundred federal properties, including all of our major U.S. National parks and preserves.

The Encyclopedia of New Zealand: Medicinal use of plantsPlants used in traditional methods for healing.

The International Plant Names Index

The International Plant Name Index is a database of the names and associated basic bibliographical details of seed plants, ferns and lycophytes.

The Plant List 

From the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Missouri Botanical Garden. Latin names, synonyms and unresolved names for Vascular plants, mosses and liverworts. Excludes algae, fungi, common names. By John Kartesz and the Biota of North American Program  

Traditional Knowledge Digital Library – India (TKDL) 

TKDL is based on 148 books of Indian Systems of Medicine.  Requires registration with the Government of India.

University of MelbourneMultilingual (21 languages) plant name database with links to sites in various languages
University of WashingtonHyperlinks to Medline, USDA Plants Database, and Plants for a Future Database
USDA Plants DatabaseSearchable via multiple access points
Western United States Flora Checklists Latin names and common names