Traditional Knowledge and Handbooks/Publications

Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Index From Perdue University
Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia Monographs reproduced by the Government of India. Five volumes - A Modern Herbal Herbal index provides botanical and family names, description and picture, constituents, medicinal actions and uses, dosage, preparation. By Mrs. M. Grieve
Drug Digest Common names, synonyms, uses, references
Duke Live Plant Collections Scientific name alphabetical listing with detailed descriptions, medicinal uses, dosage forms, interactions, precautions, and cited references
eMedicinal Over 2000 plants searchable by name, disease, or formula
Healing Secrets of Aboriginal Bush Medicine   This website contains background information about Aboriginal Bush Medicine and a table of remedies. Page created by Reen
Herb Formulas for Clinic and Home Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, herb formulas by anatomical systems and related disorders
Himalaya Herbal Health Care English, Latin and Sanskrit names, morphology, constituents, pharmacology, clinical studies, toxicology, and cited references
Holistic Online 2000 herbs by scientific and common names, with descriptions, active components, history, uses, dosages, safety
King's American Dispensatory (1898) Herbal medicine in 19th century US. By Henriette Kress
Materia Medica Vegetabilis Vol.I Uses in English, Dutch, German, French. By E. F. Steinmetz
Materia Medica Vegetabilis Vol.II Uses in English, Dutch, German, French. By E. F. Steinmetz
Materia Medica Vegetabilis Vol.III Index, Latin and English names. By E. F. Steinmetz
MedlinePlus - Drugs and Supplements Background, synonyms, evidence, dosing, safety, interactions, methodology and selected references
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Evidence-based information resource about herbs, botanicals, vitamins and other supplements
NCCIH National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health
Report on the Indigenous Medical Botany of Massachusetts Medicinal uses (published mid 1800's). By Stephen W. Williams, M.D.
Samoan Medicinal Plants and Their Usage  Samoan Medicinal Plants and Their Usage includes Samoan names, common names, scientific names, and uses for plants. The text is searchable using ctrl-F. By ADAP Project
The Japanese Pharmacopoeia, 14th Edition English Version. Sub hyperlink "Contents" leads to "Official Monographs"
Welcome to the Rainforest Latin and common names, uses, cited references. Links to PubMed, Plants for a Future, GRIN, Dr. Duke, and US Patents
WHO: Medicinal Plants in the South Pacific  Information on 102 commonly used medicinal plants in the South Pacific. Note: text is searchable using ctrl-F.
World Health Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants, Volume I Comprehensive information, includes references
World Health Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants, Volume II Comprehensive information, includes references