Electronic Non-Patent Literature Available at the USPTO

The Scientific and Technical Information (STIC) provides examiners access to Non-Patent Literature (NPL) through multiple electronic tools purchased from various publishers. These tools are available to examiners, organized by technology center (TC), on the NPL web page which is located on the Patent Examiner's Toolkit. NPL encompasses all the TC subject areas and includes electronic books, periodicals, conferences, standards, dissertations, and much more. STIC currently subscribes to 78,000+ electronic journals and over 359,000 electronic books in full text. The following charts provide a sampling of e-journal and e-book resources available to examiners.

As of February 18, 2021

Major Publishers of Electronic Non-Patent Literature Available at USPTO - Electronic Books


PublishereBook Count
ACM Digital Library10,214
AIAA Aerospace Research Central1,172
AIP Scitation2,303
ASME Digital Collection1,233
American Chemical Society2,043
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics289
Cold Spring Harbor60
EBSCO Publishing6,931
Elsevier ScienceDirect9,037
Hein Online155,751
Highwire Press43
IEEE Xplore88,267
Informa Healthcare661
Institution of Engineering and Technology18
National Library of Medicine1
O'Reilly Media, Inc46,755
Oxford University Press685
ProQuest Info & Learning Co2,705
Royal Society of Chemistry936
SPIE Digital Library11,872
Taylor and Francis Online19,993
Wiley Online Library83

Major Publishers of Electronic Non-Patent Literature Available at USPTO - Electronic Journals


PublisherJournal Count
ACM Digital Library170
AIAA Aerospace Research Central15
AIP Scitation16
Allen Press3
American Association for the Advancement of Science5
American Association of Immunologists5
American Association of Neurological Surgeons5
American Chemical Society138
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics9
American Mathematical Society6
American Medical Association14
American Nuclear Society4
American Physical Society36
American Physiological Society10
American Phytopathological Society3
American Roentgen Ray Society2
American Society for Cell Biology1
American Society For Clinical Investigation1
American Society of Clinical Oncology1
American Society of Hematology1
American Veterinary Medical Association2
Annual Reviews52
ARVO Publishing2
ASME Digital Collection31
Audio Engineering Society1
Bentham Science Publishers3
BMJ Online5
Cambridge University Press11
Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology1
EBSCO Publishing62,052
Elsevier ScienceDirect3,531
Frontiers in Bioscience3
Hein Online3,369
Highwire Press135
IEEE Xplore6,362
Institute of Physics142
IOS Press1
John Libbey EUROTEXT1
Mary Ann Liebert Publishers65
Microbiology Society6
MIT Libraries1
National Academy of Sciences (U.S.)1
National Library of Medicine1
New England Journal of Medicine3
Optical Society of America41
Oxford University Press142
Penton Media6
Portland Press6
PubMed Central205
Radiation Research Society1
Royal Society of Chemistry148
Scientific.net Journals2
Society Of Exploration Geophysicists2
Society of Petroleum Engineers28
SPIE Digital Library16
Taylor and Francis Online310
The Chemical Society Of Japan2
Thieme Connect7
Walter De Gruyter Publishing6
Wiley Online Library758


Patent examiners are not required to search every listed resource in the examination of an application. The examiner will determine the most appropriate resources for that application by relying upon their professional judgment and assessment of disclosed and claimed subject matter in the application under consideration.