Commercial Data Bases Available at USPTO

Commercial Data Bases Available at USPTO



Searchable Collection



(Scientific and Technical Information Network)

Partners are:

- Chemical Abstract Service (CAS)

- FIZ Karlsruhe

- Japan Association for International Chemical Information (JAICI)

Contains over 150 databases.

STN databases are accessible through three interfaces: STN Express®, STN® on the WebSM, or STN Easy®. These interfaces are available to examiners via the Patent Examiner's Toolkit.


Requires an ID and password. Offers the largest collection of chemical and related information. Databases cover many scientific disciplines, including biomedical science, chemistry, engineering, materials science, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural science. Coverage varies by database. CAplusSM alone contains more than 40.1 million records which are included in more than 10,000 journals back to early 1800s.

STN Catalog

Technology Centers (TC) with access to STN are:

TC 1600, TC 1700, TC 2100, TC 2400, TC 2600, TC 2800, TC 3600, and TC 3700

ProQuest Dialog

Owned by ProQuest

Contains over 100 databases

ProQuest Dialog's information focus includes business, intellectual property, law, government, news science and technology through more than 1 billion unique records from the world's most authoritative publishers. ProQuest Dialog is available to patent examiners on the Patent Examiner's Toolkit. Requires an ID and password. Patent Examiners also have access by IP authentication to custom collections of content based on their specific Technology Center.

ProQuest Dialog

TCs with access to ProQuest Dialog are:

TC 1600, TC1700, TC2100, TC2400, TC2600, TC2800, TC3600, and TC3700


Owned by Reed Elsevier

Contains over 45,000 news, business, public records, and legal sources.

The news coverage includes deep back files and up-to-the-minute stories in national and regional newspapers, wire services, broadcast transcripts, international news, and non-English language sources. Searchable online documents include more than 5 billion records. Also provides access to Shepard's Citations service for all federal and states court cases back to 1789. Requires an ID and password and is available to Business Methods examiners via the Patent Examiner's Toolkit.

LexisNexis Sources

TCs with access to LexisNexis are:

TC 3600

ABSS databases

(Automated Biotechnology Sequence Search System)

Genetic sequence search system.

The USPTO internal genetic sequence search system composed of commercially available databases such as Genbank/EMBL, Geneseq, PIR, and UniProt. In-house databases (pending applications, issued patents, and published applications (PGPubs)) are also available for interference and prior art purposes. Useful for routine sequence searching as well as specialized searches, including alignments, length-limited, oligomer, and score/length.

TCs with access:

TC 1600





Owned by Questel SA

Industrial Design Collection provides access to industrial design from 14 patent issuing authorities. is available to patent examiners on the Patent Examiner's Toolkit. Requires an ID and password.

TCs with access to Dialog are:

TC 2900



Patent examiners are not required to search every listed resource in the examination of an application. The examiner will determine the most appropriate resources for that application by relying upon their professional judgment and assessment of disclosed and claimed subject matter in the application under consideration. Searching is highly dependent upon the experience and job knowledge of the individual performing and/or reviewing the search.