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Libraries must fulfill the following requirements to be designated a Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC):

  1. Provide free assistance to the public in the efficient use of patent and trademark information resources provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
  2. Provide quarterly metrics on the use of patent and trademark services and outreach efforts conducted by the member library as stipulated by the USPTO.
  3. Send one person from each PTRC library to attend the USPTO-hosted PTRC training seminars generally held on an annual basis.

To become a PTRC, the library's director must write a letter requesting that the Director of the USPTO designate their library as a PTRC. We encourage libraries to obtain training to fully understand the PTRC program and identify capable staff. To request for information on training opportunities, email

Prospective PTRCs are identified by: 

  • Institutions with a history of public programming and service to entrepreneurs
  • Institutions with demonstrable expertise in intellectual property
  • Institutions with demonstrable leadership in professional library associations
  • Major research institutions
  • Institutions within commuting distance of major metropolitan areas
  • Institutions within or near economically distressed areas
  • Institutions that offer programming and create web content in Spanish, Mandarin, and/or other non-English languages

Libraries will receive training and assistance necessary to understand the basic provisions of patent and trademark protections. Libraries will also receive the search tools needed to access patent grants and trademark registrations. Additionally, designated PTRCs will receive ongoing support to excel.

As an additional resource, all PTRCs we welcome to take part in the USPTO's annual training seminar. The seminar serve as a tool to exchange ideas, help improve PTRC products and services, and reaffirms USPTO's mission to disseminate patent and trademark information to the public. 

Contact for questions or more information about the PTRC Program.