Connecting educators with the USPTO

Welcome to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), America's "Innovation Agency." The resources and professional development opportunities here are designed to help educators nurture the next generation of American inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs by cultivating an innovation mindset in all students. Invention education teaches students valuable problem-solving skills that will help them grow regardless of their career path or specific interests. These resources provide educators with opportunities to integrate invention education and intellectual property (IP) concepts into their classrooms, enhancing STEM/STEAM curriculums. Join us as we tap into your students' creativity and imagination to build the foundation of a more inclusive, accessible innovation ecosystem.

Activities and lesson plans

Use classroom-tested resources to engage students in problem-based learning through invention. Select the grade level below for lesson plans designed to introduce students to the world of IP and engage them in problem-solving activities.

Professional development

Explore opportunities to deepen educators’ understanding of intellectual property (IP) education and learn about integrating IP, innovation, and invention into STEM/STEAM curriculums.

Stay connected with USPTO

Attend one of our monthly events or request a guest presenter for your classroom.

This page is brought to you by the USPTO’s Office of Education and the Council for Inclusive Innovation. Visit our students page to find activities, videos, and other resources for young inventors.

Connecting students with intellectual property