Master Teacher of Invention and Intellectual Property Education Program (MTIP)

Director Kathi Vidal with MTIP master teachers and Office of Education staff and detailees

What is MTIP?

The Master Teacher of Invention and Intellectual Property Education Program (MTIP) is a train-the-trainer program created by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in a contracted partnership with STEMisED. Through this program, educators with knowledge of invention or intellectual property (IP) education apply to become teacher-leaders. With the support of the USPTO's education team in the Office of Public Engagement, these teacher-leaders provide professional development opportunities to educators in their communities and across the nation.

Why is it important?

One core USPTO objective is to drive inclusive American innovation. This includes expanding access to the innovation ecosystem in every community, including underserved areas, and ensuring every American can fully realize their inventive potential. The MTIP program nurtures this ecosystem of innovation in K-12 schools nationwide by providing teacher-leaders with training, resources, and support from the USPTO. These teacher-leaders then hold trainings and professional development opportunities for fellow science, technology, education, and math (STEM) educators in their region. This deepens educators’ understanding of invention and IP education and provides them with tools, lesson plans, and activities to take back to classrooms.

This program is also meant to empower educators who know best the needs, challenges, and opportunities of their communities to integrate invention education in their schools and curriculum. By cultivating a network of teacher-leaders that is both national and local in scale, the MTIP program will help build the foundation of the innovation ecosystem in K-12 schools, instilling an innovation mindset from an early age in the students who are our nation’s future inventors.

MTIP impact

Group image of MTIP master teachers

In 2023, the program’s launch year, 22 educators embarked on the MTIP journey. These 22 teacher-leaders have trained 2,071 educators in 22 states and two U.S. territories, impacting an estimated 250,000 students. Every MTIP participant said they will return for the next year, a testimony to MTIP's potential, demonstrating our teacher-leaders' passion for empowering fellow educators to bring invention education into classrooms across the country.

Doug Scott, whose students were recently issued a patent for an invention they ideated and developed in his robotics and engineering course, shares how his innovative approach to teaching—informed by his experiences with NSTI and the MTIP program—enabled students to solve real-world problems.

Read below about the experiences of two 2023 MTIP teacher-leaders, Tyler Dufrene and Yaritza Ortiz.

The MTIP experience

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