NMTI Nomination Evaluation Committee

The National Medal of Technology and Innovation (NMTI) Nomination Evaluation Committee reviews and evaluates all nominations for the NMTI. Committee members generally are Chief Executive Officers or former Chief Executive Officers; former winners of the NMTI; presidents or distinguished faculty of universities; or senior executives of non-profit organizations. As such, they not only offer the stature of their positions but also possess intimate knowledge of the forces determining future directions for their organizations and industries. The committee as a whole is balanced in representing geographical, professional, and diverse interests. 

The committee makes its recommendations for medal candidates to the secretary of commerce, who in turn makes recommendations to the president for final selection. Committee members are appointed by the secretary for three-year terms, with eligibility for one reappointment.



  • Dr. Carol Dahl, Chair
    Executive Director, The Lemelson Foundation, Retired
  • Dr. Cato Laurencin, Vice-Chair
    Professor, University of Connecticut 
  • Ms. Beena Ammanath
    Executive Director, Global Deloitte AI Institute
  • Mr. Orlando Figueroa
    President, Orlando Leadership Enterprise, NASA Retired
  • Dr. Joe W. Gray
    Professor Emeritus, Oregon Health & Science University
  • Dr. Douglas Lowy
    Deputy Director, National Cancer Institute
  • Dr. Cherry Murray
    Professor, University of Arizona
  • Dr. Roderic Pettigrew
    Inaugural Dean, Texas A&M University
  • Mr. Steven Sasson
    Inventor, Eastman Kodak Company, Retired
  • Dr. Telle Whitney
    CEO and President, Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology, Retired

This committee is subject to the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA). The committee charter and membership balance plan are available on the FACA Database.