Wine & IP: plant patents and the discovery of adaptable hybrid grapes

We will pull back the curtain this May to showcase the professionals working behind the scenes to discover new hybrids able to provide desirable grapes in adverse conditions. Register now for this special event. 

During this free online program, attendees will hear from several experts in the field, including:

  • The USPTO’s in-house wine educator, Stephen Yanchuk, who will set the stage by presenting an overview of plant genealogy, crosses, mutations, and hybrids.  
  • Plant patent experts, Matt Clark of the University of Minnesota and Michael Carriere of UC Davis, who will share their current research projects and the hard work being performed in the lab and in the fields to find the grape stock of the future.
  • Practicing plant patent practitioner Penny Aguirre will join us to talk about the process of obtaining a plant patent and provide a practical look into plant patents.

This event is part of the USPTO's Eastern Regional Outreach Office's "Wine & IP" series.

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This event is part of a series: Wine & IP