About the National Council for Expanding American Innovation

National Council for Expanding American Innovation


The National Council for Expanding American Innovation (NCEAI) is charged with strategizing new ways to expand American innovation by tapping into the strength of our nation’s diversity and increasing the opportunities for all Americans to participate in innovation.


The NCEAI’s mission is to help the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) develop a comprehensive national strategy to increase participation in our innovation ecosystem by encouraging, empowering, and supporting all future innovators. That includes increasing the involvement of women and other underrepresented groups.

The NCEAI will strategize how to develop a comprehensive, lifelong approach that spurs interest in innovation and inventing, and then provides for increased access to the innovation ecosystem.

By encouraging, empowering, and supporting all future innovators, the NCEAI will be an important catalyst for increasing opportunity and fueling the United States’ innovation economy.

The USPTO will continually document progress toward these goals through updates such as our “Progress and Potential” report on women inventor-patentees.

About the council

The NCEAI was born out of a recommendation in the USPTO's 2018 SUCCESS Act study and report transmitted to Congress in 2019, which found that women and minorities are underrepresented as inventors named on U.S.-granted patents. The report encouraged the creation of a high-level council of industry, academic, and government leaders tasked with helping develop a national strategy for increased participation of underrepresented groups in innovation—as inventors, entrepreneurs, and innovation leaders.

Council members

NCEAI members are intellectual property leaders in corporate, academic, professional, and government organizations. Together they lead the commitment to encourage and support all future American innovators.

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