Intellectual Property (IP) Champions: Connecting USPTO employees with their communities

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Are you interested in having your high school class or local community learn more about the importance of intellectual property (IP) protections like patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets? Our IP Champions program is here to help. USPTO employees (our designated "IP Champions") trained on delivering IP education to high schools and other community centers are available to discuss important IP concepts with your audience. The employee's purpose is to:

  • Provide IP awareness and educational resources to diverse audiences
  • Support educators and community amplifiers of IP knowledge and resources
  • Act as a liaison between their community and the USPTO in order to increase awareness of local organized IP events
  • Help facilitate larger USPTO engagements that occur within an employee's community

Would you like an IP Champion to speak at your next event? Fill out the Speaker Request Form to get the process started. 

What resources are available to me and my community right now? 

While waiting for an IP Champion to respond, the USPTO has a number of national and regional events and educational opportunities available to you and your community. Below you'll find some of our educational materials, information about camps and trainings, and USPTO annual events.  

Community building resources

USPTO flagship events

USPTO's Council for Inclusive Innovation (CI²)

The IP Champions program is one part of the USPTO's Council for Inclusive Innovation's (CI²). The CI² is charged with expanding American innovation by tapping into the strength of our nation’s diversity and increasing the opportunities for all Americans to participate in innovation.