Patent After Final Response Data

Replies to After Final Response

A patent examiner may issue a final action when the applicant's previous arguments are unpersuasive, a new ground of rejection is required by amendments made to the claims in the previous response, or a new ground of rejection is required by a reference in an information disclosure statement (IDS) submitted after the first action. The average days to an examiner responding to a response from the applicant after a final action is displayed for the past 12-months.

The patent examiner's response to an after final may be an advisory action in the notice of allowance (NOA), for example.

Examiners' Actions in Reply to After Final Responses

The chart above lists the type of actions that occur after a response to a final rejection is received. The data displayed are the types of actions that have occured in the past 12-months.

Turnaround Time of Applications Receiving an After Final Response

The chart above shows the number of after final responses following a final action displayed by days old. (Note: After final responses over 60 days are are not shown.)