USPTO Systems Status and Availability

Tuesday Jun 02, 2020

Current Status

TEAS and TEASi Outage Resolved

The USPTO has resolved the TEAS and TEASi technical difficulties originally reported on June 1, 2020. Email us at if you continue to experience technical difficulties. Include the following:

  • Your name
  • Telephone number
  • Serial number and/or registration number
  • A screen shot of any error message that you are receiving.

Intermittent Disruptions in Service Resolved

We resolved the intermittent disruptions in service many USPTO services were experiencing, including myUSPTO, EFSWeb, Patent Center, Private PAIR, TEAS, and TEASi. Payment processing issues are resolved as well.

Contact Centers No Longer Experiencing Delays

With USPTO network issues resolved, external customers calling USPTO contact centers should no longer experience a busy signal.