Leadership team for the Office of the Commissioner for Patents


Andy Faile

Andrew I. Faile

Acting Commissioner for Patents
Andrew I. Faile is Acting Commissioner for Patents, where he manages and leads the Patents organization as its chief operating officer. Mr. Faile's permanent role is...
Robert Bahr portrait

Robert W. Bahr

Deputy Commissioner for Patents
Robert Bahr is a Deputy Commissioner for Patents. Mr. Bahr serves as an authority on patent laws, rules, and examining practice and procedure, and provides administrative...
Robin Evans

Robin Evans

Deputy Commissioner for Patents
Deputy Commissioner Robin Evans provides executive leadership to quality related offices in charge of training, quality assurance, process improvement, and stakeholder...
Valencia Wallace 2018

Valencia Martin Wallace

Deputy Commissioner for Patents
As Deputy Commissioner for Patents, Ms. Martin Wallace manages and leads the Patents organization’s efforts related to international IP harmonization and provides...
Rick Seidel official USPTO portrait

Richard K. Seidel

Deputy Commissioner for Patents
Deputy Commissioner Seidel began his career at the USPTO as a patent examiner, became a Supervisory Patent Examiner, and was promoted to the Senior Executive Service (SES...